Why should students and teachers should visit my blog!? - MARIACAMILASOCHBLOG!
Well i think that students or classes, and teachers  should visit my blog because in my blog you will found out  many interesting facts in wich students can learn about and also teachers like to  have an idea to teach their students to teach that specific topic... also they should visit my blog beacuse i am posting productive wall posts like about techology advances also about books and personal oppinions in general also i will start to began posting about many other interesting topics you will found out later on...

This post was  for challenge 1 in the march 2011 challenge!!

3/22/2011 13:38:57

Hi Maria!
I'm Hannah, and I'm in 8th grade. I'm in the student blogging challenge. I liave tennis too!! :) Please come to my blog, http://hannaho-21-hannah.blogspot.com/
Hannah :)


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