Well i think that students or classes, and teachers  should visit my blog because in my blog you will found out  many interesting facts in wich students can learn about and also teachers like to  have an idea to teach their students to teach that specific topic... also they should visit my blog beacuse i am posting productive wall posts like about techology advances also about books and personal oppinions in general also i will start to began posting about many other interesting topics you will found out later on...

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Hey guess what i just created  my avatar isnt that faboulous!? i really think its really like me , i love dot backpacs and i love to go to the beach or pool thats ways my swimsuit!  ...
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Maria Camila o

Monday 21 february 2011

6A colegio colombo britanico.

People in Venezuela should have an uprising to overthrow Chavez from power.

Hugo Chavez former military coup, arrive democratically to Venezuela’s power since 1998, has won the power in different democratically elections, the last in the 2009 when he won the corrupt referendum of being elected indefinitely.

Chavez government has been the most corrupt government in Venezuela’s history. He has taken the absolute power of his country in the legislative, judicial and executive branch. Politically the absolute power brings to any country corruption. This is way he has won continuously the elections in his country.

Another important point is the disregard of the social part of the government. This has cause the unemployment, the poverty, the social right violations, the lack of food and insecurity in general.The unenplyment has been increase in the last years,the people that still has a work are earning day by day less money. And the lack of own industries, agriculture and national production in general has cause the Venezuela has become an dependent country.

 Hugo Chavez has centered all his economical effort to buy different weapons to show to other countries specially Colombia his power, and in this way reach his objective of American Bolivarian unification.This is very bad because is a continuous threat for all the continents,and we never know when he is going to promote a war because of his craziness…

Well at least Saturday washhh a lot of hawks no more exams yes let’s relax…but the coolest thing about this is that I am having a longer weekend because yesterday Friday I didn’t have school so it’s like a Saturday! On Monday I am having Math’s exam about different topics I wish I would have the best note so I am studying quite a lot! Bye nice weekend for me and you! ;)
My experience yesterday with a professional publisher was awesome; I learned different type of things. She is called Rocio and she is from Peru! I learned that with the past of the time the technology has became better each day but thanks to this all has became more distracted… all the things are faster specially with the internet but thanks that now students are not studying that much they use to study before, because in the past you needed to search and read in encyclopedias books etc….

I also learn about advertising billbords,there are many ways to interact with people via this media .I like very much how she explain the improvement during the time of technology, she also show us some interesting videos about this, that I am going to show u !

Rhyme and reppetion poem!


Friends are angles from the sky,

Pulls you out

When you’re down

Friends are sweet like strawberries

Always chatting by blackberries

Always funny, always cool

Makes your day truly cool

Friends are stars always bright

Always shinning day and night

Friends are pearls

Few and wise

Makes your life really nice

Friends are white others black some

Are Indians but who cares, there the best

Among the rest.

Some are chatty some are shy

They’re my friends I don’t care

Cause at the end they’re the same.

Some will tell you what to do

Friends are always right for you.

Some likes apples some

Some likes berries always juicy

Like strawberries!

Friends are angels from the sky

Always there never mind. 

Yesterday and today i had an assembly were plenty of children from my grade present different topics and different ways of presentations! i like them a lot! 
This were the names of the different ways other classes present 6A that is my class present PREZI i think i had alreay talk plenty about it,also 6B has present ANIMOTO(i like it) 6C voicethread (i didnt like that much) and last 6D present GLOGSTER (my favorite!) Irecommend you this pages so the next time you can consider this type of medias for make your presentation ;0!!!
Today is again monday school again,homeworks again teachers again exams again etc...Aftter this long weekend i make plenty of things during it i meet new friends from other school,i pass most of my weekend with one of my best friends playing tennis,riding horse,making piyama partys and passing a very nice time in general!
Prezi is a very nice page to make conference when i just knew this program i was really impressed beause is just fabolus,you can make nicer and less boring  conferences  ! I recommend it and trust me i am those tthat in a very long presentations i get bored and start to yawn..but this program is ver nice etc so well in my oppinion i like itt! TRY IT! ;)
   I think that  technology has evolved a lot, and there are many new things, very practical and fast as the computer, ipad and ipod and much more ... only existed long before the letters, telegram etc! I am very proud of all these people who thanks to them we have this variety of technology!
When i star searching a littlle bit about things in the past i really ger impressed about how other peoople needed to study and look for a variety of books until they get the apropiate.Also something that impressed me alot was how to comunicate with each other,to say something they needed to wait a couple of days until letters arive or whatever other thing they used was sort os slow!....... thanks!