Maria Camila o

Monday 21 february 2011

6A colegio colombo britanico.

People in Venezuela should have an uprising to overthrow Chavez from power.

Hugo Chavez former military coup, arrive democratically to Venezuela’s power since 1998, has won the power in different democratically elections, the last in the 2009 when he won the corrupt referendum of being elected indefinitely.

Chavez government has been the most corrupt government in Venezuela’s history. He has taken the absolute power of his country in the legislative, judicial and executive branch. Politically the absolute power brings to any country corruption. This is way he has won continuously the elections in his country.

Another important point is the disregard of the social part of the government. This has cause the unemployment, the poverty, the social right violations, the lack of food and insecurity in general.The unenplyment has been increase in the last years,the people that still has a work are earning day by day less money. And the lack of own industries, agriculture and national production in general has cause the Venezuela has become an dependent country.

 Hugo Chavez has centered all his economical effort to buy different weapons to show to other countries specially Colombia his power, and in this way reach his objective of American Bolivarian unification.This is very bad because is a continuous threat for all the continents,and we never know when he is going to promote a war because of his craziness…

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