Here is more info about twitter (its already pass to my words!)

Twitter is a social network to communicate with other people from different countries but the particular thing about twitter is that you can follow famous people or just your friends.

Twitter origins in a weird was a normal day in a park some people eating Mexican food and Jack Dorsey introduces the idea of an individual using sms service to communicate with a small group..but the original project code name for the service was twttr,inspires by Flickr and the five character length of American SMS.The develop of twitter and the creation was around March 21 of 2006…and the first message that was published was by Dorsey at 9:50 pm!

Twitter actually has 190 million users account and generates 65 millions tweets a day.Twiiter had a fast growth in 2007 it had 400 000 tweets; and in 2008 100 million tweets and in February of 2010 twitter users are sending 50 million tweets per day!(tweets-sms)

Twitter offers sending text messages called tweets using the twitter website directly as a single sms alert, it is good as a personal account or as a business, keeping you in touch with your friends and giving you information about where you are and what are you doing; for business can be use to send messages thru the company account and your costumers, thru this social network you can update your latest information and read others information.

Via twitter you can get info about latest arrivals in technology, clothing or whatever thing is your interest, twitter is one of the ways you can be updated.

Twitter technology has created an easy way to be used thru the Smartphone such as blackberry, itouch, iphone, ipad or in other words tablet devices.

Also twitter has a lot of benefits mainly that you can be updated all the time about business and your personal friends. But also it has caused a lot of personal problems because of information that has been posted.

Twitter has replace DVD, photos, television etc because this social network is a digital platform that aloud social and business interaction.

Twitter can cause a virtual tornado by only one tweet or message posted you can cause an enormous problem in the web, having consequences influencing other people to make and act in a way.

In conclusion this social networks has a lot of benefits for business,giving coustumers recent information of their main interest,but in personal use the social interaction is  getting more inpersonal and less contact with people.

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