Some days ago i wanted to create a twitter acount but before i created i wanted to search a little bit more about twitter functions etc. so guess waht! i found several informationd that i conseider important and i wanted to share it with you!


Twitter is a web page in wich you can communicate with other peoople from other countries adn the particular thing about twitter is that you can fallow famous peoople,but only when you had already subscribe and make your account.This website is owned and operated by TWITTER INC! 

All twitter users can send or recive tweets via the twitter website,compatible external aplications such as smartphones or by short message service(sms)

Twitter origins in a weired was a normal day in a park some people eating Mexican food and Jack Dorsey introduces the idea of an individual using sms service to communicate with a small group..but the original proyect code name for the service was twttr,inspires by Flickr and the five character length of American SMS.The develop of twitter and the creation was around March 21 of 2006…and the first message that was published was by Dorsey at 9:50 pm!

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